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My Gammie’s Bakery Process

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How we Process Your Order

As our valued customers you have the option of making orders online through our website. Simply add all products that you want into your cart by clicking 'Add to Cart'. You can then amend how many of each product you want when you view your cart before proceeding to pay for your order. We currently offer free delivery for up to a 3 mile radius from E17 7JN with a minimum order of £10.

PLEASE NOTE: For large bulk orders please contact us directly email or via our contact page for more information.

At this stage you will be given a choice of available times to recieve your order on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Please get in touch if your order time is not available and you have an urgent need for a product (i.e. celebration cake for child’s birthday). If we can help in some way we will always do so, however, please understand that this may not always be possible.

We advise customers to book orders at least a week in advance so preferred delivery dates are more likely to be available. Likewise some products such as dried fruits and napolitaines can take up to 12 hours to make so early booking is needed to avoid disappointment.

We currently freshly bake orders taken throughout the week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday's.

We offer free delivery up to a 3 mile radius from E17 7JN.

After choosing your order date and time, you can pay for your order via one of our recognised secure payment service providers. All orders must be paid in advance. Please note that the minimum order for our delivery service is £10. Delivery is free within a 3 miles radius from E17 7JN. Any delivery beyond that zone will incur a charging fee.

Just sit back and relax while we do the work and bring your freshly baked goods to you.

Finally you get to enjoy your products. Furthermore, why not upload pictures on our website of you, your friends and family enjoying our products. Oh and don’t forget to add us on social media and upload there too!

What to expect from our products

Our Promise

My Gammie’s products do not contain any additives, preservatives, animal sourced ingredients, alcohol, and most significantly, any of the main 14 allergens as endorsed by the list below:-
Celery | Cereals (containing gluten) | Crustaceans | Eggs | Fish | Lupin | Milk | Molluscs | Mustard | Nuts | Peanuts | Sesame seeds | Soya | Sulphur/sulphites

Primary Customers

My Gammie’s passion starts with all young children living with a food intolerance or food allergy, typically under the age of 5 years old. This is because food sensitivities are most prevalent in children under 5 years of age. These particular children cannot often communicate their experiences effectively, if at all, to help themselves. As well as helping children, My Gammie’s other immediate customers are older children and adults who live with food intolerance or food allergy, individuals living with celiac disease, vegans, vegetarians and health aware individuals.

Realistic Product Expectations

Due to the exclusion of the items above My Gammie’s products may look, taste, smell and feel different from their shelf stocked mass produced alternatives.
My Gammie’s recipes offer alternatives to many food products sold that are unsafe or/and unhealthy to eat by our niche customers. We design each product as close to its original recipe as best we can without sacrificing My Gammie’s product quality, and business aims & values.
As My Gammie’s customer you will always receive your order freshly made with our assurance that My Gammie’s products are free from additives, preservatives, animal sourced ingredients, alcohol, and, most significantly, any of the main 14 allergens. This has been confirmed by all our suppliers, however, as My Gammie’s ingredients are planted, produced and procured from their natural sources in Africa, Peru and so forth, we cannot guarantee that our products are 100% free from allergens during their produce and transport journey to our bakery in the UK. My Gammie’s are, however, fully satisfied that any risk of contamination is highly improbable because we stringently vet our suppliers.


My Gammie’s use certified Organic ingredients as much as possible. We focus on using ingredients as close to the source as possible to keep all our products as natural, close to nature and healthy as can be. My Gammie’s believe that going “back to basics” is vital when living with food sensitivities, to be kind on our digestive system and to make it easier for our bodies to cope with the mass produced over processed, often chemical ridden, produce available in the western countries nowadays. A very wide variety of My Gammie’s products are packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals due to the ingredients that we use. My Gammie’s have highlighted Ingredients’ benefit on each separate product page for you, our customers.

Use by Date

Some of My Gammie’s products “use by” dates may seem short, however, this is the compromise when purchasing fresh products, filled with an abundance of natural ingredients, which do not contain preservatives. My Gammie’s see this as a positive characteristic of our products as it is a physical reflection of the fresh Ingredients breaking down as part of the expected biochemical reaction that is instinctively anticipated in nature.
In addition to My Gammie’s products with short “use by” dates, My Gammie’s also have other products that have longer “use by” dates. This relates to products such as fondant and sundried tomatoes which can last months at a time when stored correctly.
It is important to note that storage, environment, temperature and exposure of a product after purchase will all contribute to the products “use by” date. Please also note that in the undesired event that My Gammie’s storage requirement’s advice is not followed, they may perish before their stated “use by” date. My Gammie’s outline the storage requirements for our products on each separate product page. Storage requirements correlate with the stated “use by” date.


Due to the lack of gluten that usually gives bread their elasticity, after a few days, My Gammie’s breads can be more crumbly than shop bought bread that sit on shelves. Likewise, egg, which is also often used as a binder in bread and is not used in My Gammie’s products contribute to crumbling effects. My Gammie’s products do not contain dairy, which can help to attain the soft and moist texture of shelf bought mass produced bread, for this reason our bread range can often be noticeably drier.

Cupcakes/Celebration cakes:

My Gammie’s Celebration cakes and cupcakes contain several types of flour as an alternative to flour containing gluten. This can often result in a heavier product that, like our cupcakes, can be quite filling. When baking without gluten combining a variation of flours is necessary to achieve a composition similar to that of flour containing gluten. Gluten free flour alone, such as coconut flour or rice flour is rarely sufficient to successfully substitute flour that contains gluten.

Re-occurring Orders

For repeated orders of our fresh products on a daily or weekly basis please email us and we will contact you with more information to arrange this


For your next social event incorporate an aspect of allergy-friendly products on the day. Please contact us via telephone or email with a summary of your needs and we will get back to you.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Here at My Gammie’s we use only eco-friendly packaging for our products. All packaging is either recyclable, compostable or degradable. Given that we are a company focusing on healthier, closer to nature alternatives, using eco-friendly packaging fits perfectly in line with our values.
Our eco-friendly packaging is very reliable when used for their intended purposes and are processed using natural quality materials. Our packaging, typically a kraft brown style, fits in perfectly with our naturalistic view as a company, is visually appealing to the eye and also makes our products suitable to be given to others as gifts.

Coming Soon…Fresh morning Baguette Service

Being in touch with our Mauritian roots we want to introduce healthier, fresher produce to our customers on a regular basis. Therefore, we are now introducing our morning Baguette service in Waltham Forest baking fresh baguette in the early hours of the morning to deliver to you before you start your day.

Please register your interest here

Enquiries & Returns

If there is a problem with your order please contact us within 48hours from the time that you received it.

We will always do our utmost to fix any consumer problems and are happy to accept returns, though, the product should be unopened as we do not promote wastage.
All returns will require proof of purchase.

Without our customers we would not exist, therefore, customer feedback is very important to us as a company. Please contact us at and we will get back in touch within 2 working days.

All refunds will be credited to the payment card account used for the transaction within 2-3 working days.

Try it for yourself


All My Gammie’s products are free from the 14 main allergens as follows:
Celery | Cereals (containing gluten) | Crustaceans | Eggs | Fish | Lupin | Milk | Molluscs | Mustard | Nuts | Peanuts | Sesame seeds | Soya | Sulphur/sulphites
All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Free from animal fats
Free from animal-derived food colours
Vanilla products may contain trace amounts of alcohol. We use vanilla in some of our products.
Please consult the product details or the FAQ for details. We can produce these products without vanilla upon request.

Free from preservatives and additives


Though our ingredients, premises, recipes, packaging and delivery process are free from the main allergens; The utmost care is taken to uphold this standard, though, it is not impossible for contamination to take place that are beyond the control of My Gammie’s especially on outer packaging due to careless handling and other such situations.
For this reason and as a safety precaution we advise all customers to transfer purchased contents into domestic containers once received and to carefully discard of all outer packaging.