Commonly Asked Questions

General Enquiries

Yes. My Gammie’s won 1st place for the best business idea in the University of East London’s 2015 E-Factor competition.

Yes we do sell our products to wholesale outlets. Please check our distributing addresses on My Gammie’s website.

We do not currently offer any gift certificate options and this is something we are looking at for the future.

At present we do not have a specific store location. As a custom order bakery we bake to the demands of our clientele to ensure freshness. However, we often have product tastings and new product launches which we would love to invite you to. Please send us an email outlining your interest to be added to our invitee list.

Product Enquiries

This is because other breads, particularly ones stored on shelves are packed full of processed products and allergens such as gluten, eggs, milk and butter that contribute to bread being softer for a longer duration (What we call long shelf life). Our products do not contain these kind of ingredients, therefore, this has an effect on the end result of our bread making it firmer to cut and eat then commercial bread especially if it is no longer fresh. We advise cutting the bread into slices while still fresh before storing. My Gammie’s breads should be eaten fresh for best results within one week of purchase. Alternatively bread can be softened via methods such as toasting, grilling, and placing in the oven.

No. In essence it is impossible to have an allergy free product because the products and ingredients that a person can be intolerant and allergic to is wider than the 14 main allergens. We focus on the 14 main allergens because they are the ones that the FSA endorse as being the most prevalent and often serious in terms of symptomatic physiological reactions. Furthermore, although the upmost care, attention and precautions are taken, it is almost impossible to guarantee products are free of all the 14 main allergens through all stages of production and packaging, therefore, the need for extra precautionary labels such as the dreaded ‘May contain’ still exist.

Here at My Gammie’s, we do not use any additives or preservatives to lengthen our products’ life expectancy and prefer to allow our products to age gracefully. Natural products will age based on their natural life cycle which usually is shorter than products filled with preservatives to “preserve” their life cycle.

Yes, all My Gammie’s products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We do not use meat in any of our products and we do not bake in an environment that has meat or meat products. We make sure that none of the ingredients that we use are derived from animal products. This is a value that we hold highly.

The best way to store all My Gammie’s breads is in an airtight bag or container. My Gammie’s breads can be stored both in and out of the fridge, however storing in the fridge is recommended and will elongate the ‘use by date’. Storing in the freezer will dramatically lengthen the ‘use by date’ and is therefore recommended to customers that do not use bread so often. Pre-slicing bread before freezing and refrigerating is always recommended for ease of use. Alternatively, bread stored in the fridge can be left out at room temperature for a few minutes to help make cutting slices easier.

Order Enquiries

Currently we are a small team running this family business while also working fulltime jobs. For this reason we currently only bake/cook on the weekends. As we provide freshly made food products we can only deliver orders on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We are currently in the process of extending our My Gammie’s team which will soon allow us to offer deliveries on all days. We welcome customers to call us for orders outside of the days we offer as we can offer exemptions for special occasions.

At present we do not have a location for clients to collect orders. This is a service that we are working on implementing so please check back here, register your general interest or join our social media to stay informed.

There is no limit for how much advance notice you can give for an order. Currently we have customer orders in place for up to a year in advance. This is highly recommended if you are planning a large event and would like to incorporate an aspect of My Gammies’s. In all instances of placing an order well in advance we advise you send us an email and a representative will get in touch to confirm the details of the event.

Yes we take card payment through our recognised secure payment service providers, World Pay and PayPal.

We accept debit, credit cards and bank transfers.

Refunds takes 2-3 working days to show up on your account. Refunds can only be refunded back to the card that was used to purchase the original order.

Unfortunately My Gammie’s cannot post products.

This will be treated as separate orders and each will need to be paid for and delivered separately.

You can place an order by calling 0207 993 6264. Once we process your order we will send you an invoice confirming your order detail. You can then pay for your order within our payment terms.

No, unfortunately this is not an option that we are able to offer. Our products are fresh without preservatives and will lose their freshness through the shipping duration.

Yes. All orders must be paid in advance in full.

You can track your order by calling our process team on 0207 993 6264.

Orders can be cancelled up to 4 days before they are due to be delivered. To cancel an order please email us on Using the subject line “Cancel my order”.

For any other questions please contact us.

Our Business Result

Due to our personal Journey we have created My Gammie’s as a way to provide food products that are free from the main 14 allergens to offer safer alternatives for those unwilling to take risks with food. Pushed into action by helplessly observing Ly’ora’s suffering we have made food sensitive children our priority as they have no control over their diets and eat what they are given. However, we passionately cater to any individual whether for food sensitivity, health awareness or other reasons.
To ensure product safety we have constant communication with our suppliers to insure that ingredients are free from all of the main allergens on their side too.

Our factory allows no presence of the main allergens in staff’s personal belongings or in food consumed on site at any time. This is a zero tolerance policy. We hire passionate staff that understand the serious impact of living with food sensitivities and the risks involved. We have clear rigid procedures for all stages of processing from acquiring suppliers to packaging and delivery.

As we are indeed what we eat we value quality over quantity using raw and organic unprocessed ingredients as and when we can. For this same reason all our products are freshly made so quality is always assured. In line with these values we use only eco-friendly packaging for our products.

Alongside our products we also do our part in spreading awareness offering informative social events bringing food sensitive individuals together.

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All My Gammie’s products are free from the 14 main allergens as follows:
Celery | Cereals (containing gluten) | Crustaceans | Eggs | Fish | Lupin | Milk | Molluscs | Mustard | Nuts | Peanuts | Sesame seeds | Soya | Sulphur/sulphites
All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Free from animal fats
Free from animal-derived food colours
Vanilla products may contain trace amounts of alcohol. We use vanilla in some of our products.
Please consult the product details or the FAQ for details. We can produce these products without vanilla upon request.

Free from preservatives and additives


Though our ingredients, premises, recipes, packaging and delivery process are free from the main allergens; The utmost care is taken to uphold this standard, though, it is not impossible for contamination to take place that are beyond the control of My Gammie’s especially on outer packaging due to careless handling and other such situations.
For this reason and as a safety precaution we advise all customers to transfer purchased contents into domestic containers once received and to carefully discard of all outer packaging.