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Ly’ora – The Inspiration and Motivation

Ly’ora Gooden-Toney is the heart of My Gammie’s. Through her struggles with food she has brought her family closer together as the glue that has manifested My Gammie’s. At 4 months old her dairy intolerance was established during breastfeeding having a dramatic effect on her eczema resulting in raw weeping cheeks and blood stained sheets from scratching during sleep. At the age of 1 having been treated with some crisps while shopping with her gammy (grandma) Ly’ora eagerly bit into a crisp containing 5% peanut and oddly let the bag fall to the floor. As though food was uncomfortably caught at the back of her throat she coughed now and again and was offered water to sooth the irritation. 30 minutes later while playing in the garden she suddenly vomited bile through her mouth and nose. At this point her symptoms rapidly revealed themselves one after another. She begun wheezing, her skin turned red, in between her fingers swelled up and she begun itching literally everywhere. Thankfully she made it to hospital on time and her fatal peanut allergy was established.

At 3 years old after a year and a half of nightly violent coughing, daily respiratory issues that were mildly alleviated by her asthma pump, and her inability to run or jump around as typical children do in order to avoid regular hospital visits, it was established that Ly’ora was highly intolerant to wheat. Two days after the removal of wheat from her diet she finally slept soundly. A month or two after Ly’ora’s wheat intolerance was recognised it was noticed that every now and again she would have a mild cough throughout the day so egg was removed from her diet to observe any changes. Ly’ora’s cough disappeared entirely.

Now a typically active child she has evolved from using her pump daily to once in a blue moon, normally when recovering from an illness, her eczema is still present yet never weeps and itching is much more controlled. As recommended by her GP Ly’ora always travels with her Epipen’s, Piriton and asthma pump. Ly’ora does not eat from restaurants due to bad experiences and therefore the inability to guarantee the possibility of contamination. The risk is not worth Ly’ora’s suffering or life hence the birth of My Gammie’s.

Rebekha – Researcher and Cake Maker

Rebekha Gooden the daughter of Marie-Anne has dedicated her whole future career to provide a wide range of fresh food products at a safer standard for those with multiple food sensitivities like her daughter Ly’ora. As a mother of a food sensitive child Rebekha is all too familiar with the impact of reoccurring risks, worry, social exclusion, adjustments, preparation, limitations and lack of knowledge that effect food sensitive individuals daily during mealtimes and social events.

Together mother and daughter strive to promote knowledge of food allergy and intolerance while providing mouth-watering products free of the top allergens to raise social inclusion and minimize the risk of their customers.

Marie-Anne – The Bread Maker

Marie-Anne Rasé is the driving force of this company. As an experienced entrepreneur her involvement in My Gammie’s has stemmed from the implemented life alterations and experiences witnessed through her granddaughter Ly’ora’s food allergy and multiple food intolerances since being born. Marie-Anne, now the dedicated bread maker of My Gammie’s, having established recipes and regularly baking bread for her granddaughter due to the lack of suitably safe allergy-friendly store options was eager to share her bread recipes in a bid to help other families in similar situations.

Our Business Result

Due to our personal Journey we have created My Gammie’s as a way to provide food products that are free from the main 14 allergens to offer safer alternatives for those unwilling to take risks with food. Pushed into action by helplessly observing Ly’ora’s suffering we have made food sensitive children our priority as they have no control over their diets and eat what they are given. However, we passionately cater to any individual whether for food sensitivity, health awareness or other reasons.
To ensure product safety we have constant communication with our suppliers to insure that ingredients are free from all of the main allergens on their side too.

Our factory allows no presence of the main allergens in staff’s personal belongings or in food consumed on site at any time. This is a zero tolerance policy. We hire passionate staff that understand the serious impact of living with food sensitivities and the risks involved. We have clear rigid procedures for all stages of processing from acquiring suppliers to packaging and delivery.

As we are indeed what we eat we value quality over quantity using raw and organic unprocessed ingredients as and when we can. For this same reason all our products are freshly made so quality is always assured. In line with these values we use only eco-friendly packaging for our products.

Alongside our products we also do our part in spreading awareness offering informative social events bringing food sensitive individuals together.

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All My Gammie’s products are free from the 14 main allergens as follows:
Celery | Cereals (containing gluten) | Crustaceans | Eggs | Fish | Lupin | Milk | Molluscs | Mustard | Nuts | Peanuts | Sesame seeds | Soya | Sulphur/sulphites
All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Free from animal fats
Free from animal-derived food colours
Vanilla products may contain trace amounts of alcohol. We use vanilla in some of our products.
Please consult the product details or the FAQ for details. We can produce these products without vanilla upon request.

Free from preservatives and additives


Though our ingredients, premises, recipes, packaging and delivery process are free from the main allergens; The utmost care is taken to uphold this standard, though, it is not impossible for contamination to take place that are beyond the control of My Gammie’s especially on outer packaging due to careless handling and other such situations.
For this reason and as a safety precaution we advise all customers to transfer purchased contents into domestic containers once received and to carefully discard of all outer packaging.